Hello! Kaye here and welcome to my blog.

The Genesis

I was born in the Philippines to a family full of strong fishermen, and even stronger women who spent most of their days proudly standing over scalding hot cauldrons, wood fire grills, and cutting boards to make parades of delectable and mouthwatering dishes. Our afternoons were filled with the staccato sound of choppings and the aromatic smell of exotic herbs and spices. Needless to say, foodmaking (and consumption) was in my blood.

At the age of 11, I moved to the US, where my mother continued our family's foodmaking traditions. But for however much I was surrounded by my family's intense penchant for cooking, I was often left as an observer rather than a participant. I poured more of my energy in words, art, and crafts.

Nevertheless, I knew that making food was something I wanted to take part in. During my post-college years, and with a kitchen of my own, I began flexing my cooking muscles and found that it came naturally to me as fish-filleting did to my great grandmother. Unfortunately, I was not as diligent nor steadily prolific as I would have liked to be resulting in my shying away from truly considering myself a cook, a baker, an anything.

Hence, this blog, a platform I intend to use to transform from a "nearly-almost-but-not-quite" cook/baker/writer/whatever to someone who can genuinely pick up the cook/baker's hat, the writer's pen, and the painter's brush and say, "Why yes, I suppose I am a/an ____!"

About me

I live in New York City where I have been in the publishing industry for close to a decade. I am ruled by three kitty overlords (for whom this blog is partly named--under duress, of course) who cleverly manipulate me with big-pupil begging eyes and overall (feigned) cuteness. The "chocolate" part of the blog is for chocolates. Because, you know, chocolates! Mmm.