And so it begins...

by Kaye Tengco

Sometimes it can be difficult to stick to personal goals, especially when only you are privy to these plans. Aiming to finish that book by the end of the month? "Why, yes!" Fast-forward to three months later and you haven't even moved passed the copyright page...gulp. "Well, at least no one knows but me! On to the next item on the list!"

I'm ashamed to admit that this is an all-too-often occurence-although I do manage to finish books more often than the above example would portray (it was simply a hyperbolic scenario). However, with a new year dawning in a few weeks, I've challenged myself to document my activities and projects on a platform that will motivate me to actually get things done, hence the birth of this blog.

I suppose that's it for now...until a braised beef stew lands on a plate, followed by an "mmmmmm!"